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Rachel Estelita Hollinshead


What is Hypnotherapy?

Not everyone is the same - we're all very different people - and so here at The Healthier Mind we give individual clients a unique series of treatments that are just right for their needs, no more, no less. Cognitive hypnotherapy provides overworked minds with the toolkit they need to fix their own stresses and strains. It is based on modern psychology and neuroscience and, don't worry, there's not a pendulum in sight ...

Preconceptions & Myths

Chances are, when you think of hypnotherapy, you either imagine a swinging pocket watch or a hapless audience member being made to cluck like a chicken on stage in the name of entertainment. Neither of these preconceptions is true. Cognitive hypnotherapy combines cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnosis with theories based on modern neuroscience.

We all go into natural hypnotic trances every day without even knowing it. It's comparable to being so absorbed in a book or film that the hours seem to fly by, or being in a meeting where your mind has wandered. It is this natural state of mind that is used in cognitive hypnotherapy. You never lose control and are certainly never put under the control of anyone else. Rachel explains: "There are no over-the-top, annoying motivational speeches or long, arduous hours of difficult analysis. Cognitive hypnotherapy is just an extremely effective way of making positive change."

Is there any evidence?

Controlled trials have shown that hypnosis can reduce anxiety (particularly before medical procedures). In the past five years scientific research has become more credible, thanks to the latest brain imaging technology; brain scans now prove that hypnotised subjects are more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.

Where does it come from?

In the 18th century, Austrian doctor Franz Anton Mesmer used magnets to practise a form of hypnotism (hence "mesmerising"). His patients claimed they felt no pain while being treated under his trance. Mesmer was later dismissed as a charlatan, but his methods have since been investigated and developed into the form of hypnotherapy we know and use today.

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